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Create Your Consistent Content Plan

As a business owner we have it positively drummed into us – you must be consistent with your content marketing. To get your videos, livestreams, blogs, posts and articles out there pretty much daily. On Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and more.

But that’s easier said that done. There’s the business to run, clients to attract, a team to nurture and build, not to mention, well, life. 

Rather than spending time beating yourself up about it – let’s create a content plan together that you can consistently implement on your chosen platforms and feel fantastic about. One that attracts leads, shows your authority in your niche, builds your brand and is simple to repeat each month.

Sound good? No more guesswork. No more gaps in your plan and the loss of great opportunities to promote your business – confident, consistent content (posts, images, captions, articles/blogs, videos and livestream) that attracts and converts.

Ditch the Self Doubt

You have a message worth sharing, so let’s get it out there. Without the paralysing self doubt or worry that it’s ‘not good enough’ or worse, that you somehow don’t deserve to take your place in the market with your content. We’ll do it together

No More Guesswork

Follow my step by step instructions and mentoring to clarify your message, choose your method and stop wasting time creating content that doesn’t work for you (or avoiding it altogether!) No matter what platform your videos or posts are going on – we have resources for you to give you peace of mind to get it DONE


Q&A Support

I’ll support you with resources related to your needs, and a chance to have ongoing monthly Q&A support if that’s what you and the team need to keep up the momentum. Packages are available for single or ongoing monthly sessions

What People Say

“Jenny gave me the boost I needed to take back my video mojo, and the permission to do videos that light me up and feel easy to me.”

Katrina Johnson, New Sky Consulting

“Thank you Jenny for helping me when I was at a point when I was ready to give up. You showed me how important it was to keep going to get my message out there. You had the words, and I get totally stuck . It was so inrpiational as you made it so simple when you put it together.” 

Deborah J King, My Menopause Support

A lot of feedback I get about my course is my instructions are very clear and easy to understand for my students and I feel that’s because of the work we did together. Total courses sold was 17 in the last 24 hours!

Christeen Jacobs, SewnSew Sewing School 

Jenny helped me get all my content ideas out of my head and into a plan I can implement for my business

Geoffrey Fong – Osteopath Camberwell

content can be daunting

How Is The Content Breakthrough Different?

The key ingredients

We focus on these important elements to achieve confident consistency for all your hard work:

The WHAT = your promise

 The WHO = the People

 The YOU = Your personality on camera and in posts

Matching your people to your promise = The Puzzle

The WHERE & HOW = The platforms you’ll post to and technology you need to produce your content



a target icon
Set Goals That Count

Together we create the goals that drive your consistent content plan. Actionable and achievable, motivating and easy to monitor – video  not for you (yet)? No sweat 

light bulb icon
Lost For Words?

We’ll find the words that are right for you to reach and influence the people you want to, AND feel confidence in your important message.

Lose the Costly Guesswork

It’s time to choose a method that suits you. We follow a ‘keep it simple’ philosophy, as ‘procrasti-tech’ simply keeps you away from the people who need you most

Get Stuff done

Achieving what you want in your business is motivating, feels awesome and gets you results. That’s why we have an action focus – you achieve something every day that you can build on

Like many business owners and freelances I have tried loads of different ways to create content plans that STICK. Ones that feel good, make me want to post, are simple to implement and not a massive CHORE. And rather than follow something that’s ‘off the shelf’ I know that doing this together, live, will make it DOABLE for you, for your business model and offer, for your energy and resources. Customised content plans are the way to go for measurable outcomes you want to achieve.

My number one priority is giving you message clarity – that’s where the confidence lies, and where the passion becomes a consistent content plan, with clarity about your message and your audience.

What You Get

  •  1:1 session with me to tell me all about your offer, your customers and your core messages
  • A customised content plan for up to 3 months of content across multiple platforms that’s repeatable
  • Resources to implement it for LInkedIn, Instagram and Facebook, both pre-recorded and livestream normally reserved for my Video Incubator clients


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Access Your FreeTraining

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