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Growing up the youngest of five children gives you two choices – fade quietly into the background or make yourself seen and heard. 

Jenny De Lacy quickly learned how to read a room to become the centre of attention and gain the best outcome. She turned these skills and a love of learning, into a 25+year corporate career in training and presenting, working for some of the biggest organisations in Australia. These days, she helps aspiring and established business owners find their words and voices so they too, can connect with their target audience, by presenting with personality and power.

With an irreverent no-nonsense, ‘stop thinking and start doing attitude’, Jenny works closely with clients to give them the confidence to be themselves in all their introverted or extroverted glory. Her signature program – Present With Personality and Power – removes the frustrating guesswork and paralysing self-doubt that plagues many business folk who want results from online and in person presentations. Along with live script editing and mentoring, Jenny provides a safe space for her clients to practice their delivery and receive feedback from her and her nurturing community that have conquered their fears.

“Great messaging review chat with Jenny today. She really helped me nail the message I was struggling to get across to my website visitors and social media followers.”

Dorothy Krajewski - Dorothy K Coaching

“Jenny was our guest speaker at our women's networking event earlier this year and to say she lifted the roof is an understatement! she has a beautiful energy when she presents and she is real, raw and shows vulnerability and that makes women want to work with her even more.”

Sherelle Packer - We Rise Networking

“If you are looking to get more confident on video and want to be taught by the best in the business, then Jenny De Lacy is your woman! Thanks to her help my business has gone from strength to strength and I couldn’t have done it without her.”

Kylie Pearce - Tallowwood Lane

“Jenny is a delight and she puts in a tonne of enthusiasm and energy into every project she’s working on. Super knowledgeable and highly recommended to anyone looking to make themselves ‘more visible’ in the online world.”

Rob Rich - Endorphin Wealth Services

“Jenny is easy to work with and fantastic at what she does. She has the amazing ability to condense what are often complicated concepts into simple and effective video scripts, which are seeing fantastic results.”

Grant Jamison - Videographer>

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Access Your FreeTraining

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